Increasingly popular among people of every description, the nipple has had surprisingly little documentation.  It is said to have been in vogue among society women in France during the reign of Louis XIV, and in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.  This piercing is sensual and attractive and often encourages the nipple to become larger, more pronounced, and more sensitive, especially in men.  All these reasons may contribute to its increasing popularity.  Women frequently have greater success wearing barbells instead of rings. Barbells lay flat against the breast so they're less likely to get caught, snagged and irritated. If your looking to get them pierced for aesthetic reasons 14 gauge is a good option but more often then not 12 gauge is the best choice. Being a little bit thicker it will withstand more play and pressure. The piercing is typically done horizontally though vertical piercings are another option.   Weights, chains and Nipple Shields are also available for our more adventurous customers.

Common Jewelry Sizes for Piercing 

Gauge (Thickness)



14 12 10

3/8" - 1/2"


14 12 10

5/8" 3/4"

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