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Piercing Services

Skincraft boasts the most experienced and knowledgeable piercing services and staff in the city. We offer piercing walk-ins on a first come first served basis (subject to availability) with appointments receiving priority. We offer appointments for a single or multiple piercings, jewelry insertions and shopping or consultations for a future piercing or curated look or advice on an existing piercing.


Our artists styles and piercing services offer a wide variety for your needs.  Feel free to check out portfolios and then contact us to start the appointment process.



J.T Elliot has been piercing in the tri-state area since 2004. He enjoys the culture of autonomy that body modification and adornment foster.  He offers a full range of piercings and specializes in large gauge services .

JT’s Work


Savannah was born and raised in Cincinnati.  She has been in the industry about about a decade and has been piercing for seven years. Her favorite piercing to do is the conch. She loves planning out ear piercings and going over dream jewelry with her clients. As a queer artist, she makes all walks of life feel safe and comfortable in her piercing room.  She truly loves what she does and is glad to have such amazing clients.

Savannah’s Work


Kimberly has been with Skincraft since 2014 and piercing since 2020. Her passion is helping people feel great about themselves through the body modification process.  She takes immense pride in her work.   She does everything she can to make sure that all clients feel welcomed and safe to ensure a pleasant experience.

Kim’s Work


Dawn has been piercing since 1998 and is one of the founders of Skincraft.  Her favorite part about what she does is the transformative process and the empowerment people receive from body modification. It is an honor for her to be a part of the community is an honor.


All inquiries should be made to dawn@Skincraft.us

Piercing Questions?

Please email info@skincraft.us or call us at 513-281-5798 for any questions or booking needs!


Monday - Saturday: Noon to 8 PM

Sunday: Noon to 6 PM


4036 Hamilton Avenue, NorthSide
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223




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